Food Safety remains a global challenge and Kenya is not spared. There is a lot of media alerts on pesticide residue in fruits and vegetables in Kenya.

Research findings point to fruits and vegetables as the main source of pathogens for foodborne diseases globally. The ability to know the source of your vegetables is complex, over 80% of vegetables produced in Kenya is grown by smallholder farmers across the country. Demand for vegetables consumption in urban areas is expected to rise due to increase in urban population.

Cropmasters Limited has a solution for you, “Know your Veggie”. From the comfort of your backyard or your rooftop, Cropmasters will help you help you establish your own little kitchen garden and plant your vegetable of choice. We have a variety of vegetables and herbs depending on your requirement.

Apart from having the assurance that your vegetable is free from pesticides and harmful microbial contamination, Cropmasters rooftop and backyard gardens gives your children an opportunity to learn the source of their food and appreciate what it takes to grow food crops. Due to convenience demands, many children do not have the opportunity to know the source of their vegetables and assume that vegetables are manufactured in the supermarkets.

“Take control of your life, know your veg”

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